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Developer Interviews: Your Questions. Their Answers

Creative Director: Jonathan Morin
Creative Director Jonathan Morin answers community questions about Watch Dog's multiplayer options, its detailed open world, and the (lack of) differences between the PS4 and Xbox One versions.

Game Designer: Danny Belanger
Lead Game Designer Danny Belanger answers your gameplay questions, detailing hacking, cars, the game's focus mode, and more.

Lead Writer: Kevin Shortt
Wikia asked Kevin Shortt, lead writer on Watch Dogs, your questions about the game's story, setting, characters, and more.

Community Essentials
We picked the brains of some of the Watch Dog Wikia admins to get the fan perspective on the game. We also gathered the wider community consensus via a handful of polls, the results of which can be viewed in graphical form below and in full on on this blog post.

What the fans are saying

"I'm excited for the gameplay and open-world aspects. The story and multiplayer don't interest me as much, but I'm sure that this game will live up to my expectations."
- NinjaFatGuy, Admin on the Watch Dogs Wikia

"Watch Dogs looks like it allows players to subvert the world around them, based on what the player wants to accomplish. It also helps that Ubisoft Montreal has developed the game's hacking mechanics by speaking with world leaders in Anti-Virus technology to make the experience as authentic as possible."
- TwoTailedFox, Admin on Encyclopedia Gamia

"As of now, the only game I want on next-gen is Watch Dogs. There’s literally nothing else I want to play."
Sirius XAim, Admin on the Watch Dogs Wikia

Results as of May 5th, 2014

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Official Beta Trailer

Official E3 Gameplay Experience Trailer

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