The war began in the fourth year of the Comet-less Era (C.E.). Prior to the war, there was relative peace among the robots, who resided in the south-eastern corner of Pangea, and the dinosaurs, who occupied the majority of the west. There were a number of measures in place to ensure peace between the groups. The RoboDino Exchange allowed for free trade, which helped foster relative tranquility.

Robot Recreation Prior to the WarEdit

Before the war, Robots were very recreational and enjoyed a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities.

Dinosaurs: Food EnthusiastsEdit

Before the war, dinosaurs loved to eat and discuss their favorite meals. Below, a Spinosaurus samples a stream's sushi.

Fish Food - Planet Dinosaur - Episode 1 - BBC One

Fish Food - Planet Dinosaur - Episode 1 - BBC One

From the Spinosaurus' Yelp Review: The Sushi was delicious (and surprisingly feisty!) and I enjoyed the stream's subtle, murky ambiance, which reminded me of the giant hole in the ground that I was born in. 5/5 Stars.

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