Welcome to the second edition of Wikia’s Collaborative Writing Project. You may recall our first Collaborative Writing Project, “The Fellowship of Awesomeness,” which was born out of our Adventure Dream Team tournament. Now, we’re back with another exciting community-created adventure inspired by the recently concluded Starship Battle.

We’re inviting you to help tell the story of The Great Starship Battle, in which the greatest spaceships from all of time and space were gathered together, and in the end, only the TARDIS remained. The Doctor seemingly vanquished the Borg Cube, the Millennium Falcon, Serenity, Klingon Bird of Prey, the USS Enterprise, and many others. But how? And why?

We’re going to tell that story as a community, one paragraph at a time. You’ll see that we’ve started the story below. Anyone can add to it. And a representative from the TARDIS Datacore will be invited to bring the story to a close.

A FEW RULES: Each user is allowed to contribute one paragraph (made up of five sentences max) at a time. Please don't edit again until three new users have contributed. In other words, there must be three paragraphs between contributions from any one user. Please leave your signature at the end of your contribution. Respect the work of your fellow Wikia community members and do not revert, delete, edit or alter portions of the story that have come before yours.

We'll allow entries for several weeks, and may jump in to help tie up any narrative loose ends. Until then, let's begin...