Tyrannosarus Rex
Kingdom Animalia
Temporal Range Late Cretaceous
Arch Nemesis HAL9000
Other Info
Rallying Cry "RAWWARRRAWAAWRRRR" (translation: "I'm rather hungry, but let's stop fighting!")

Tyrannosaurus Rex, often referred to as T-Rex, was a carnivorous species of dinosaur that lived and reigned supreme during the Late Cretaceous era. While, in our world, the T-Rex has often been portrayed as ferocious, violent, and malcontent, the T-Rex proved itself an agent for peace during the Dinosaur vs. Robot Wars, advocating vocally for swift reconciliation between the warring groups.

In Popular CultureEdit

The T-Rex has been portrayed in a wide variety of pop culture, across television, film, and video games. Here is a list of notable appearances:

  • Jurassic Park, 1993
  • Land Before Time, 1988
  • Dinosaurs (Television Series)

Feud with HAL9000Edit

During the last days of the war, T-Rex and HAL9000 were engaged in a series of deliberations, attempting to end the war for good. T-Rex was hoping to obtain the entire Western portion of Pangea for the Dinosaurs, while HAL2000 was doing everything in his power to send all of the dinosaurs to a small strip of land in the far north.

The following is a passage from T-Rex from the deliberation's transcript, often cited for its poignancy and effectiveness:

RRRAAWWARRWWARRR WAWRRARWAWRR RAR RWARRR WARRRWRARR RRWARRAWRR ARWRAWRRRWARRAWRR RWWAARRW WARRWARRR" (Translation: Long have we suffered at the hands of our mechanical oppressors! We deserve half the land -- only when we get what we deserve will the bloodshed truly cease!)

It took seven and a half years of nonstop deliberation until HAL9000 arrived at an agreement. When asked about his feelings on the finalized agreement, HAL9000, exhausted, said the following:

I am quite literally running out of energy. Can someone plug me in?